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The Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

Geen drup. (Not a drop.)
Ad for Always Ultra menstrual pads, The Netherlands
Viva magazine

Isn't it convenient to have a map of Europe with you - actually, on you -  in case you forget which city is next on your luxury tour of the Continent? And in beautiful weather? Sunny, 86 degrees F.?

Trouble is, you'll have to peek inside your pants to see it.  There are gentler ways to get to know the person next to you. Maybe just ask a guide instead.

The only other maps in ads for menstrual products that I know of are on a wacky pad disposal bag and a 1920s page showing how widely Kotex was available in the U.S.

On the map below, any drops would have landed in the Mediterranean Sea (maybe hitting Corsica and Sardinia) and North Africa unless - and this is the point - Always had intercepted them.

See other Always and Libresse ads featuring panties and how the company protects them, an important function of menstrual products.
Margot van Mulken kindly sent me this ad, one of scores, along with
many photocopies of Dutch ads, as part of her research for her article "De verpakking
van maandverband: De ontwikkeling van retoriek in tijdschriftadvertenties"
(The Packaging of of Menstrual Pads: The Development of Rhetoric in
Magazine Advertising) in Tidschift voor Genderstudies (Journal of Gender Studies),
See another one she sent me, from 1998.
Below: The page measures 8 1/2 x 10 3/4" (21.6 x 27.3 cm).
My translation:


(in circle)
Now with Always
up to 25 florins
discount on Philips care products like Ladyshave. See the promotional leaflet in shops.

Not a drop.

Ultra thin

Dri-weave top layer Ultra absorbing center
Wings for extra protection

Let's keep this simple. Always ultra works really well. 1. Dri-weave pulls the fluid inside. 2. The ultra absorbing center absorbs everything possible. That produces a clean and dry feeling. 3. You can also get it with wings for extra protection. It's ultra improbable that the Always Ultra napkin will leak. As improbable as that you'll be hit by lightning.


See other Always and Libresse ads featuring panties and how the company protects them, an important function of menstrual products.

See a Polish ad for Libresse, a Dutch Libresse bus-stop ad and some ads for teenagers.

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