Marjorie May booklets for girls:
Complete booklet, 1935, Canada
Cover, mid-1930s, U.S.A.
Complete booklet, 1938, U.S.A.
Health Facts on Menstruation, by Lloyd Arnold, M.D. (here, 1933, Kotex, U.S.A.)
Later Kotex Wonderform belts here
A slightly late Kotex booklet for girls:
As One Girl to Another (complete booklet, 1940, Kotex, U.S.A.)
More 1930s Kotex stuff:
1932, Phantom Kotex - leaflet ad for Wondersoft pads, belt, Marjorie May's Twelfth Birthday, 1933 - 1933, Phantom Kotex - box and pads, 1930s? - wrapped Kotex pad for West Disinfecting Company dispenser (mid 1930s) - Two ads on a sewing pattern for women's sports trousers, 1930s - "Cooperation," publication for Kimberly-Clark employees, 1931-34, jokes, sports, gossip, etc.
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Cartoon ad
Kotex, 1935, (U.S.A.)


Looking at American women's faces from 1920s-1930s illustrations I've noticed that many have a prominent chin and receding lower teeth but with a prominent jaw, which might be a stylized WASP profile: white Anglo Saxon Protestant, the  traditional ruling class in America. The look is striking. (I like to look at faces. So who doesn't?)

A proponent of the look was John Held, Jr., the great jazz age illustrator, some of whose faces you see below.

Compare his women with one of his typical men, at bottom. They're a different species. They often show a hapless male in the presence of an American female, a continuing trait in comedy.

This has basis in reality. "But [Cleopatra's] avatar lives on, an inexhaustible source of fascination about the first and greatest mystery to man: the sexual power of women." Judith Thurman wrote that reviewing Stacy Schiff's biography of Cleopatra in the New York Times (Nov 15, 2010).

Ah, yes.

I thank the contributor of this and many other items!
Below: One of the women from our ad, 1935.
The red OVAL touches the nose, lips and chin.
Below: From a 1927 ad called "A Frock for Campus Days."
Below: "Misty Summer Things," a full-page Kotex ad from 1927.
Below: John Held, Jr.: from "It's all right Santa--you can come in. My parents still believe in you." The artist drew the essence.
See another Christmas theme at the bottom of this page.
 Right: Part of Held's cover of "Life" magazine, 1926 (not today's Life; this was a humor magazine)
See another Life cover showing a similar Held face.

Below: From Held's 1929 "They want to fix your tie."
The guy's face is more cartoonish than the woman's.
Below: Finally, Can you resist absorbing this cover? Look at the title right above the
words THE HURRICANE at the bottom. Oh, and look at the woman's
face, a late (1935) example of the WASP profile. And her shoulder, locking
the male gaze.
I swiped this jpg from
the site that once swiped a jpg from me.

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Marjorie May booklets for girls: Complete booklet, 1935, Canada - Health Facts on Menstruation, 1933
Wrapped Kotex pad for West Disinfecting Company dispenser (mid 1930s)
"Cooperation," publication for Kimberly-Clark employees, 1931-34, jokes, sports, gossip, etc.
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