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Ad for Tampax mini tampon
Italy, October 1991
Lei magazine

Have you seen the American version of this ad?

I haven't either. Did the company think that love and Tampax didn't exist in America?
Would it have crossed the line priggish Americans drew early in their history?

Italians have been bolder in their ads, their public interests but in at least one example, behind in their tampons.

And only in England as far as I know: a tampon angry at a penis-like relative who just wanted to say "Hello"!

Below: The page measures 8 1/8 x 11 3/16" (20.7 x 28.4 cm)

Below: translation
Tampax is easier than the first kiss.

There is a simple way to deal with your periods from the early years with the maximum safety and freedom.


Mini Tampax tampon is designed specifically for the needs of younger girls, so that they can know right away the great hygiene and total reliability of Tampax.


The hygienic applicator, which contains and protects the small absorbent cotton plug, allows you to insert and properly position Tampax mini with maximum cleanliness and hygiene. The absorbent cotton will adapt to your body and give you maximum comfort and security.

For these reasons Tampax is the absorbent cotton that is not there: no one can ever know or see if you have your period, and you're free to be a woman and live your everyday life as you want.


If you want to know more, send this coupon to Barbara Lee right away [address in Milan, Italy]. You'll get an interesting brochure, practical handbag case and a pack of ten Tampax Mini free

Tampax. The absorbent end is not there.

See an early Italian washable pad.
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