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Ad for Tassaway menstrual cup, the Netherlands, 1972,
Margriet magazine

(Photos of the cup sit under the ad.)

Until I saw this ad (below) it had never occurred to me that American menstrual cups had been available in Europe before The Keeper (there are European patents for cups well before this date). This ad appeared just as the manufacturer was shutting down because of legal problems (read more here). According to the text at the bottom, "Tassaway plays an important role in the life of women in America, Scandinavia and Germany" (my translation). I wonder if "important" is exaggeration since apparently women only bought a few thousand Tassaways in the U.S.A., where it originated.

Not all the text is readable on this black-and-white photocopy but the headline screams "Change once a day - imagine" and underneath, "No pad, no tampon." This must have been music to many ears!

I guessed the date of the ad by reading the sentence at the bottom of the coupon ("This coupon is valid until 31 December 1972.")

See a Dutch Tassaway ad from 1973.

A Dutchman sent a better scan of the ad than the photocopy Margot van Mulken kindly sent me, one of scores, along with some original ads as part of the research for her article "De verpakking van maandverband: De ontwikkeling van retoriek in tijdschriftadvertenties" in Tidschift voor Genderstudies, 2005-1.


A woman wrote to this museum that she had sharp memories of the rings that circle the entrance to the cup - they injured her vagina. I suspect they were supposed to increase the hold on the vagina to keep the cup in place. You can see (I hope) two tiny holes on the cop maybe 1" above the. yes, "1"" on the side view, which apparently served to allow air in and out so the user could pull just the darned thing out and not her uterus. Men live such simple lives, at least reproductively.

Here are OPINIONS about menstrual cups.
Introduction to the History of the Menstrual Cup, first cup, Tassette, Tassaway, The Keeper, Daintette, Foldene)

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