See the Fibs box and an ad for Fibs - 1935-59 ads for Fibs.
See more Kotex items: First ad for the pad (1921; scroll to bottom of page)
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Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

Fibs menstrual tampon, Kotex, about 1937, U.S.A.

A book, "Shared Values: A History of Kimberly-Clark" by Robert Spector (1997), mentions Fibs as the earliest K-C tampon by name. But it also says "The company made several stops and starts in the tampon business" (p. 67). I have evidence that Nunap and fax tampons might have been among their first stops and starts (read my argument) - and they might have been the first commercial tampons.

According to "Shared Values," Fibs was too big and bulky, did not sell well and eventually failed.

1935-59 ads for Fibs.

Each box of Fibs, the first Kotex tampon, held four packages of three tampons each (left). Look how the packaging is similar to that of fax and Nunaps.

Instructions in each box See the box and an ad for Fibs. 1935-59 ads for Fibs.
See the roughly contemporary Cashay
and Dale tampons, and very early Tampax and fax.

copyright 2006 Harry Finley