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The menstrual cup in The Intimate Side of a Woman's Life,
by Leona W. Chalmers (1937, Pioneer Publications, Inc., Radio City, New York)

Leona Chalmers might have created the first commercial menstrual cup (read a provisional history of the cup) in the U.S.A. (among other contenders is the Daintette cup), in the 1930s, although patents for cups go back to the 1860s in the United States (here's the first).

This book has almost the exact title and cover photo of a pamphlet from probably the same period, but in this tour de orifice she describes enemas for women, douching (which she promotes, especially for the common white or clear discharge from the vagina, leucorrhea), vaginal exercises and sexual hygiene. Today we frown upon douching (read an admonitory essay), as it disrupts the natural acidity of the vagina and destroys or flushes out necessary bacteria.

Frank Netter, M.D., drew the illustrations; he was a well-known medical illustrator. The New York Times wrote about an exhibit of his work.

At the bottom of this page I put the second of two testimonials on the back of the dust jacket, which attributes many divorces to "unclean" wives. (Unclean wives, read this ad!)

Read the rest of the chapter, Vaginal Hygiene (douching), from which this section was taken.

The director of the cytology section of a state public health department kindly donated the book.


The cover and title are almost identical to that of her probably contemporary booklet


The instructions for inserting the cup, similar to those today. 


Above: One of two testimonials on the back of the dust jacket. Throughout the book Chalmers writes only respectfully of doctors and their profession; she is a doctor's wife herself.
"[B]reeder of disease" takes you by surprise, doesn't it?

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